Don´t try to be everything to everyone, just be all you need to be — A Miracle Workbook


For years I equated being kind with respecting everyone else´s feelings and not making them feel uncomfortable. I got trapped in a mental loop, where I sorted through my thoughts, words and actions in order not to hurt anyone, but on the other side, I was blind to the fact that sometimes it meant holding…

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Message from Archangel Michael – Heart Activations – Abundance of Gaia – 5-5-19

Higher Density Blog



By Archangel Michael

Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide information on the current energies. We are in the 5~5 Portal energies, and these energies are intense. Most of this month’s energies are heavily revolving around the Heart. The clearing that the light workers have been doing for many moments, is to fully open, allow and embrace the Heart. That is what the spiritual journey is about… Coming home, back into the Heart, severing the mind… the ego, completely. Everything is based around the inner journey, to activate your soul missions, twin flames, abundance and to fully integrate the Higher Self. Let us delve deeper into these energies, to Fully immerse in the Blessings of Our Beloved MotherGod, Prime Creator, Source, Great Spirit, Sophia Gaia, Mother of All Creation has to offer to Her Children of the Heart. As always, Awareness transforms into…

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The Mystic Senses the Absolute and Relative At the Same Time

Universal Christ Consciousness pervades everywhere and everyone. Whether or not you accept it as being is your choice.

Universal Christ

I think being a mystic is not for the few at all.  If “mystic” we mean one who experiences the divine… then every moment, no matter how small, can be a mystical moment.  As Ra in the Law of One says, “The moment contains love…”. In fact, it might be help to circle back and read Ra’s full statement on this. Even though it is wordy and not necessarily heart enkindling (because of its wordiness), it is about as good as it gets to describing the whole unity and union thing:

Exercise One. This is the most nearly centered and usable within your illusion complex. The moment contains love. That is the lesson/goal of this illusion or density. The exercise is to consciously seek that love in awareness and understanding distortions. The first attempt is the cornerstone. Upon this choosing rests the remainder of the life-experience of an entity. The second seeking of love within the moment begins the…

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Sound of Gold Files: InnerMaps.021019.Full

Koyopa Rising

InnerMapsCropBelow is a full Sound of Gold Files message. Eleven days after the Pueblo conference where I spoke in April, I shared an excerpt of this with the Koyopa Meditation Group (love you guys). They requested, so I agreed that I would have it up on my Patreon site after my return to WA. My beloved patrons see and hear what I share first, or in some cases, exclusively. It is a way to receive an energy exchange for what I offer, as well as to offset the many costs associated with sharing this work online. I don’t think people realize how difficult it is in these beginning phases to survive in the world when we fully tell the truth. However, the more of us that are empowered to tell the truth, the more this will absolutely change our reality. I want to feel empowered with the love and resources that…

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Jennifer Hoffman: May 2019 Energy Report

Forever Unlimited

Welcome to May, a month of madness, mayhem, and miracles which everyone will experience according to what’s going on in their energy field and on their life path. We have some big things happening this month at the collective level, the culmination of the work we have been doing all year. So if things start happening in your life and you experience mayhem instead of miracles, take a good look at what you have really been asking for because the energy is moving quickly now and manifestation works according to our deepest, often hidden intentions. Buckle up, keep your hands and feet in the car and enjoy the ride, the roller coast has started.

If you have ever been on a roller coaster, what is the first thing that happens? It goes up the…

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The Theory of Relativity | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

No matter how much you may yearn or even mourn for something you don’t find anywhere you look, remind yourself in Truth, nothing is really lost. You may not know how to bring your precious jewel up to the surface, yet it exists somewhere hidden to you on the surface of the world. With know-how, you would know how to find it, whatever it make be — the lace tablecloth your mother loved, your check book, a lost love letter, a lost phone number, a lost thought, a lost love.

Of course, you always have an important reason to seek its return to you right where you can pull it out whenever you want.

The Essence of Truth is never lost, which isn’t to say that you are promised to have it safe and sound in your hand and to possess it in your preferred way. Of course…

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Creating the New You ∞The Creators

Rainbow Wave of Light

“The person that you are is yet to be discovered by you. We have been observing your people for quite some time, longer than we even care to say. And what we have observed is that you are keeping many secrets from yourself. This was done intentionally, and is not some sort of massive defect in the human construction. You knew that you would go forth and be but a portion of yourselves. But now that you are waking up and removing the veils, you are re-creating everything about yourselves and about your universe.

You are about to embark upon a journey, but you will not be the same you that you are at this time. And so, now is the time when you get to decide which being you want to be as you go forward. Once you are at that creation point, where all possibilities exist, you literally…

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THE EARTH INTELLIGENCE REPORT (Corrupt Dismantling) – May 2019


Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings

There have been many tides regarding great shifts of power that are beginning to translate into a greater victory upon old foundations that have been standing tall on your planet for many centuries. The victories to come will see the dismantling of certain governmental control systems that have promoted in secret the taking away of freedom from the people regarding defense, security, financial control, and religious binding. These organizations have been deeply infiltrated by new leadership and the operatives that have been investigating, detaining and replacing old powers that have held great value that will return to the people as you move closer to the start of 2020 and 2021.

There will be a great shift in this power that will no longer honor the greed and selfishness of established foundations that have hidden this value, wealth and control as a leash towards people affected in both the western and eastern countries of the world. Tribunals are continuing in secret and there have been many public figures that have been tried and detained. In time, their accusations and exposure of their doings will be held in a public mainstream format as your mainstream is currently under replacement situations.

Either you own mainstream media will be heavily sanitized or new media representing greater authentic truth will be rising to replace the paid-off journalists and mainstream correspondents as you move closer to the start of the new decade. The lies must first be exposed. There must be more support and signs of demanding the dismantling of the media control systems that has again kept much of humanity at bay with heavy mind control programming and suppression of what is transpiring on your world.

There will be more supernatural events taking place in hidden areas of your planet. There are what could be termed as dimensional tasks forces working in other domains to seal off portal systems that have attracted corrupt spiritual influences on your planet that once held harmonious gateways between worlds. You will find such portals upon your areas of ley lines, as well as portals that are outside of the ley-line geometry, found upon areas of land, caverns, forests/parks, and even in infrastructures built by men such as churches, temples, and monolithic sites.

Great sanitation is happening to close off these contaminated gateways and greatly reduce heavy influences of corrupt spirit activity that has heavily influenced leaders and administrators on your world. Such energies will be cleared out as these task forces containing human, extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional beings assign themselves to close off the contaminated entry points of these spirit dwellers that come to this world to deliberately sabotage and corrupt all levels of living on the Earth.

The Earth will begin going through advanced conjunctions leading to heavier amounts of exposing energy that may cause certain shake-ups in areas of the planet, specifically in coastal areas of the Eastern world of Europe and Africa. These shakes up may not relate to physical earth changes, but more emotional that could relate to the triggering of certain Earth events to come. However, these projected physical Earth changes do not hold any level of catastrophe, but rather a jolting to awaken more that have been entranced in these corrupt systems that are on the verge of collapse. Stay diligent and stay informed, most importantly, through your own conscience, heart path, discernment and let the dedication to truth, community, assistance, and love be brought through you and to your neighbors near and beyond you. It is your own devotion as a collective that will expose greater secrets that are meant for you to be seen in these short times to come.

This concludes the Earth Intelligence Report.

Brad Johnson, May 6, 2019