Why Treat Cancer with Bicarbonate? Baking Soda Rescues Circadian Oscillation ~ May 4, 2019

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Editor’s Note: As a scientist working in the medical laboartory, I understand the importance of maintaining an slightly alkaline metabolic state. To do this myself, I avoid over indulging in meat, try and stick to vegatables/fruits, and routinely drink GANS plasma from Keshe Foundation.

Many other methods are available for generating an alkaline metabolic state. Various water filters (designed for water pitchers. Seychelle water systems) also can provide alkaline water. Do yourself a favor and go alkaline today, read this article, and be…



By Dr. Sircus,

In terms of importance, appropriate bicarbonate
levels are just as crucial as hydration, proper breathing (getting
enough oxygen) staying warm, maintaining healthy pH (high oxygen status)
and optimal nutrition. What we learn here changes the face of modern
oncology because it is now clear, after the most recent research
presented below, that bicarbonates should be included in all cancer
patients protocols.


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