Keshe Technology Update – Relief from Radiation and Glyphosate [videos] ~ May 4, 2019

Some interesting innovations to research…

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: I purchased the GANS waters (see the test tube products below) a few years ago and now drink the CO2 and ZnO waters regularly (follow directions carefully!) Although I Am a healthy woman, my thought is my health is maintained though the beneficial actions of drinking “plasma water” daily.

I’ve made a combination of the CO2 and ZnO plasma water available for a co-worker with newly diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis who is experiencing relief from symptoms. What can I say except these waters provide relief from discomfort. Oh yes, I moved recently and was experiencing some shoulder pain…which is now GONE without any other treatment than drinking the CO2 and ZnO plasma water on a regular and routine basis.

Who knows…perhaps this can help you as well in many ways of which you may not even be aware! Please read this article, think about preventative steps to maintain yorur…

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