CDC Stats: Opioids Kill 4x More Than the Vietnam War; Natural Medicine is the Solution ~ May 5, 2019

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BySayer Ji,

a quarter of a million Americans have died in the past two decades from
overdosing on opioid drugs, and new CDC statistics show the crisis
continues to accelerate. Here’s why evidence-based, time-tested natural
alternatives are needed now more than ever.

A new CDC report titled, “Drug Overdose Deaths in the United States, 1999-2017,” reveals there in 2017 there were a staggering70,237 drug overdose deaths in America.This
represents a 9.6 percent increase from 2016 statistics. Perhaps most
alarming, the rate of death from synthetic opioids such asfentanyl increased 45 percentbetween 2016 and 2017. When the 2017 totals are added to overdose statistics from 1999-2016, during which200,000 died from synthetic opioid overdose, about 230,000 have succumbed to this pharmaceutically-induced epidemic —about 4 times the U.S. casualties of the entire Vietnam War conflict (58,220 deaths).

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