SerialBrain2, 5-3-19… “The real James Comey, his sleeper cells and the truth about Baghdadi and Ben Laden”


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“The Comey Network”, Img5 (click to view full image) Saw this this morning, and it “snapped” my attention. Comey has been putting out some Tweets that appear to be coded messages, and indeed, this SB2 shows that they are and what some are saying. And, according to this WP page, it really is “James Brien (not Brian) Comey”.

Three key images (from my perspective) are Img4, which unveils “the real James Comey”, Img5, which displays the “Comey network”, and Img10, which shows that “Comey’s domestic network has been infiltrated and he lost control”.

This SB2 article really well describes how the deep state uses MKUltra, mind control, assets-activation, to do it’s “dirty work”.

One thing I’ve learned to do with these SB2 decodes, is to not try to understand everything and to not spend hours and hours of my time that way. 3D-only understanding does not…

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