Trump takes on the propagandists

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Trump takes on the propagandists


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May 4, 2019 07:34:07 AM – When will the Radical Left Wing Media apologize to me for knowingly getting the Russia Collusion Delusion story so wrong? The real story is about to happen! Why is @nytimes, @washingtonpost, @CNN, @MSNBC allowed to be on Twitter & Facebook. Much of what they do is FAKE NEWS!



Yellow Journalism: Globalist Weapon of Mass Deception

Silence free speech

Free Speech is Now a Whisper

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Early May Garden Update

Laura Bruno's Blog

This morning began with painting sunflowers and then moved into buying and planting marigolds, snapdragons, red and yellow chard, purple basil, Romaine and purple lettuce, dill, a hot pepper plant, and cilantro. I think I spied a volunteer sunflower poking through the leaves, and most of the perennials seem to have survived the Polar Vortex. I’ll get some collards and kale soon, but in the meantime, last year’s purple kale is making a run for its second season.

Our neighbor already caught and relocated one of two groundhogs who share our backyards. As usual, I hope the purple colors, onions, garlic, chives, fragrant herbs, and Expel deterrent around the front bed perimeter keep those groundhogs and bunnies safely out of front yard garden range. If so, then it’s just earwigs and slugs — always someone. 😉

In any case, it looks good for now. Thought I’d share some photos in…

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Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: A Small Pause, but a Big Reminder

Thank you, Astrid and Tania!

Tania Marie


It’s been a whirlwind of events the last couple of days, so Astrid was kind enough to let us skip this week’s Ask Astrid Fridays and return next Friday. However, I did promise her that as soon as things settled a bit, we’d let everyone know that we hadn’t forgotten her special blog day, but simply will be processing everything into what she may feel important to impart next time. She was completely fine with that because it just gives her more time to feel into everything in the collective field and how things relate to things unfolding here with connective meaning.

In the meantime, she wanted me to remind everyone about gratitude and how important that is.

So, here are some snippets from our last year’s Gratitude Giveaway post as reminders:

We all know that the more gratitude you have and express, the more abundance in all areas of…

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May The ‘Force’ Of Love Be With You

SoulFullHeart Healing

Love is a power. It has a force. A volition and a trajectory. It has a purpose to attend to whether it is active or passive.

Love is a gentle breeze and a torrential storm. It stirs, it clarifies, and it calms. Love hurts, Love heals, Love exalts.

So where does the ‘force’ of Love take you today? Is it inside? Is it outside? Does it lead you to tears, to fears, or to cheers? Does it invite you to claim, to move, to lay, or to wait?

Love calls us to listen and to respond. To feel where the desire, worth, and creativity are wanting to take you. To courageously make those difficult choices and find that power we buried deep inside. So far in fact we forgot we even had it to begin with.

This Love is what draws us closer to our truest most essential nature. It…

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Unplugging From the Lower 4D Communities/Teachers/Relationship Matrix

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Jelelle Awen

You are your own mystery school. There becomes a phase in awakening when you no longer need to seek an outside source to guide you and remind of what those mysteries are. You no longer need to attend someone else’s school around this. You don’t need (even as you might enjoy them as a mirror) the channeled messages from other sources (from the light or otherwise) as you are connected to your OWN sources/aspects/guides from your Metasoul and star family. You remember your soul’s wisdoms and gifts as you connect directly with it (through connection with your Gatekeeper aspect) and your veil of amnesia lifts…what has previously been a mystery becomes clear again.

Some of what is presented as ‘mystery school teachings’ these days is still filtering through an outdated model of spiritual teaching anchored to many fear-based timelines. This outdated model is also what we could…

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Eliza: The Divine Mother

Eliza: The Divine Mother

It is said by some that the Divine Feminine returns. We say that she, the Mother, never left her children. She has always been here, guiding, protecting and nurturing in dreams, in meditations and just beyond the edge of sight. She whispers to children, whose untrammeled souls can remember more of where they just came from and she whispers to those who live on the edge of reality. Healers feel her energy move through their hands and minds as she guides them in their work. Artists and musicians know her as the Muse. Writers know her as the one who shows them entrance into the records of all worlds so that they might bring their visions to the world through words. Poets know her through the language of trees, wind, stars, and fire. She is the gentle breath that sings you to sleep at night and wakes you at dawn. Her angels guide and protect, coming close when requested. She is there to hear your prayers and bring them into being, perhaps not as first meant by the one praying, but for the most benefit in the end.

She is here now, within you, within your heart, your mind, and your body. She has woven the dream of mankind into flesh and it has become you, a living being, and a vehicle for a soul of fire, given form in a world of illusion so you might live and learn. She is part of you; she is all of you and more. She is the Mother.

Copyright 2019, Eliza Ayres,

Amazing Polly, on Ted Kaczynski and the CIA — Exopermaculture

To get up to speed, you might want to first pursue this: AK Reader: MEDITATION ON THE UNABOMBER Amazing Polly has been digging into the background of Ted Kaczynski, and discovered that as a Harvard student he was the subject of experimentation designed to break his spirit — and failed. She points to his Manifesto‘s…

Amazing Polly, on Ted Kaczynski and the CIA —

Patriots Are On the HUNT, Gloves Are Off, Placeholders Active!

Patriots Are On the HUNT, Gloves Are Off, Placeholders Active!

X22 Reports – Political & Geopolitical, May 3, 2019

The Deep State is trying to get ahead of what is coming, they are now dripping out the truth with a spin. George Papadopoulos drops a bombshell. Barr is looking into spying. Foreign governments did interfere with our elections, but it wasn’t Russia; it was the UK. Trump is ready to declassify it ALL and expose the Deep State. Border agents will have the ability to determine if an illegal needs to declare asylum. Placeholders are active.

The Democrats are trying to shut down conservatives. They DON’T want certain people to speak, they don’t want to hear from them, they just shut them down. X22 Report has been designated as a ‘conspiracy’ channel, which you shouldn’t listen to…

The U.K. and Australian intelligence agents were heavily involved in the coup against Trump.


Sacred Journey

I knew a monk. An ex-monk. He was a father to one of my daughter’s friend. Before I knew he was a monk I thought he was a saint. His daughter (and mine) both have mental disabilities. Even though they were 14 years old at the time they acted like 8 year olds with no sense of stability or safety. And when they got together it was challenging but I wanted her to have the same experiences as her siblings.

We would alternate visits. And each time I met him I was immediately calmed and collected. He was a sanctuary just by standing in front of me.

One day I asked for the secret. I had 6 kids all under 16 years in one house. Four of them with special needs. So he shared that he had been a monk in South America for many years, way before meeting his…

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