The Land of Silence | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

However noisy the world may be, the traffic sounds, the shouts of children, the whistles of trains, loud music, banging drums, a deep silence runs beneath. The silence does not run. It is. It is silent regardless of the noise above. You reside in this land of silence. You have it. It is far more than a respite. It is the very basis of you.

The silence is not a retreat. It is your Source. You have this silence within you always. You are right here in the silence, and yet We speak of finding it. The silence found you long long ago. It birthed you. You have never been absent from this silence. We can call this silence Heaven.

This silence is more than the absence of noise. It is your very nature. This silence doesn’t move. It makes no noise. And yet this is a most…

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