Kp Message 5-2-19… “‘Engaging’ in the Planetary Transformation” (aka, “I found the coqui frog, and he has been released!

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Coqui frog

The mind (well, my mind) has today been processing the idea of “engaging” in the planetary transformation. I’m not going to make this complicated (or long), but here it is… from my own view.

We (those on this planet) are currently each partaking in one of the greatest transformations the planet has ever seen. And WE are a part of it. Therefore, many things happen “to us” to help us each transform individually as the collective is transforming planetarily (is that a word?). Of course, “happening to us” I believe is really better phrased as “happening for us”… for our own transformation (ascension, vibration-raising, whatever you want to call it).

Therefore, often I’m discovering that in order for a “problem” (or “challenge”) to be resolved, and to grant me the “transformation lesson” it is trying to teach me, I must fully engage in that “problem” / “challenge”.


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