The Council of Nine: “The Chosen Ones”


Blue Dragon Journal

The Council of Nine:  “The Chosen Ones”

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Council of Nine. This morning we come to test your resolve to ascend. Do you really want to become a part of the unity field, to progress further in your soul development, even to just take a rest from the constant strife and anxiety that is your daily lot in three-dimensional life? Then be prepared to enjoy the transition into the fifth dimension. Life there will be so much more, more than you can imagine. There will be abundance, clarity of thought, joy, love and a profound feeling of connection to all Life.

Of course, moving on from the life you have known here on the 3D plane will take some adjustment. You will find it necessary to learn to control and master your thoughts. While the process of manifestation has been slow in 3D, preventing you…

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Toxic People

Grace for my Heart

It’s Narcissist Friday!

What is our responsibility, as believers, to the toxic people in our lives?

Can another believer be toxic to me?

What is a toxic person? A toxic person is someone who affects you in a negative way, poisoning your heart. In the presence of a toxic person, you become something you don’t want to be. You may be fearful, weak, angry, or even sad, but the emotions you experience will be inconsistent with how you want to feel and how you should feel in a normal relationship. In other words, a toxic person will damage you much like a poison destroys your health.

Narcissists are usually toxic people, toxic at least to certain others. Often through criticism, narcissists consistently bring certain people down. Sometimes by expectations or job requirements. Sometimes by gossip, or negative talk, or comparisons. Sometimes even by violent verbal and personal attacks. However they…

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The Relationship Process: Day 10

Love's Beginning

Thank you for traveling with me through these ten processes. I have unlearned so much! Today’s process focuses on the idea of too much and not enough–how we see these ideas outwardly because we hide from them inwardly. The relationship process gives us the chance to release old patterns and to come into the new-in-every-moment.

Day 10 – Thank all healing beings

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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TRUTH: First Victim of War – Sandy Hook Fetzer vs. Pozner Redefining Free Speech

TRUTH: First Victim of War – Sandy Hook Fetzer vs. Pozner Redefining Free Speech

Sarah Westall

Mini Documentary about Free Speech and how the Fetzer v Pozner case could redefine our first amendment rights. The video shares the historical use of speech to control and subjugate people for the benefit of war, dictators, and other powers.

The radical Left wants to take away Americans right to free speech. They want to control the narrative, what people see on television, read in papers, and hear on the radio. This is happening ALL over the planet in any country that is under attack by the globalist agenda.

Door Number 10: Hopi/Jewel in the Lotus

Laura Bruno's Blog

Someone commissioned Door Number 10 from me, and I finished it about a week and a half ago. The photos are posted on Facebook, but I’ve had some requests for a more complete write-up here. Ask and you shall receive. 🙂

I really enjoyed painting this door! As my first commissioned door, it gave me a chance to code and design a portal to someone else’s intentions and dreams. This part of the process was as fun and rewarding as I anticipated. Once we decided on a theme — The Sun tarot card— I started asking her questions about quotes, mantras and important symbols in her life. By spending time in her home, I got a feel for her decorating style, and I also noticed that she happened to have a sun tattooed on her upper back. I decided to incorporate her tattoo into the door design, but…

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The Energy of Change – Archangel Zadkiel Through Linda Robinson




Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today we wish to discuss the energy of change.

You are continuing to receive new, incoming energy that surrounds you and bathes your aura in higher frequencies from the Universe.

You may experience this as an inviting event, or you may not feel ready for it. No matter what your initial impression may be, you can use this new energy to help you move forward on your ascension path.

When the new energy arrives, it may be a higher frequency than your current vibration. As it enters your energy field, you may experience a readjustment as you incorporate the new energy into your current pattern.

Change sometimes occurs when new energy arrives. When you look at this from an energetic viewpoint, you can understand it from a higher perspective. You can begin to see it from a multidimensional approach rather than just a third dimensional one.

You can begin with the understanding that energy is neither created nor destroyed but that it can change form. This is illustrated with water taking the form of steam at a high temperature or ice at a low temperature.

A similar process also occurs at a human level. When the frequency is raised, a change in the way energy is expressed can occur. For example, you may find that suddenly you are no longer interested in things that you previously felt you couldn’t live without. You may have a desire to learn about completely new concepts. This may come as a surprise to you and those around you. When this occurs, you have likely experienced an energy shift, and your Soul has prompted you that this is the time to take another step on your ascension path and see things from a higher perspective.

The way you perceive this change often depends on whether you view it as a welcome or an unwelcome one. If you do not want current conditions to change, adjusting to the new energy may lead to an uncomfortable feeling. However, if you are open to new experiences and are accustomed to viewing things from a higher perspective, you may find the new energy to be welcoming.

To assist in understanding change from an energetic perspective, you can view the Universe as an enormous, unlimited field of energy. Within this unlimited field, many types of manifestations occur in both the seen and the unseen realms. These are constantly changing form depending on the energy around them.

For example, on the Earth plane, changing from one season to another leads to trees and other plants going from flowering to dormant states and back again. This is a change in energy. The energy has not been lost. It has simply changed form.

When you view the energy of change from a multidimensional perspective, you can use the evolving higher frequencies to help you move forward on your ascension path. You recognize the changing nature of energetic frequencies and that this change presents you opportunities to shape the energy into creations for the highest good.

You can begin to harness and shape this energy through your thoughts and intentions. Thoughts are energy that is being formed into potential creations which are further shaped by emotions. Therefore, keeping your thoughts and emotions positive and focused on the highest good can be a helpful starting point to incorporate the new energy.

As you focus on the highest good, you can call on us and other Beings of Light to assist you in shaping the energy into beneficial manifestations. This may cover a wide range of possibilities, such as creating a piece of art, teaching a new concept, or having a greater understanding of your spiritual path. The important part is that you are seeing the potential benefits of the higher frequency energy and are using it for the greatest good of all. The more you focus on this approach, the stronger it will become, and your loving thoughts will vibrate throughout the Universe.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are harnessing the positive potential of the energy of change and using this for the highest good.

Know you are greatly loved.

WE ARE the Archangels Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst.

…and WE surround you with LOVE.

And so it is.

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