The Story You Tell Yourself | The Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

Our topic today, the story you tell yourself, is important to your progress. In fact, we would say extremely important.

We will remind you at the start that your mind, your feelings, your vibrational signature, is a magnet that draws your experiences to you. Now that alone could be the entire message, but we will expand upon it.

There are those who awaken every morning and realize it as a new beginning, a new opportunity. There are those who have decided, yes decided, to make the best and happiest of everything. Many of those would not be seen by most of you to have much to be thankful for. And yet they are thankful to be alive and happy with what they have.

There are also those who have more than enough to last them for many lifetimes and who are never satisfied, even miserable.

It also seems to be…

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