Bringers of the Light ~ April 29, 2019

Rose Rambles...

By Teri Wade

much is shifting in our world that is not being reported on by our news
media. But it’s not so much in an outwardly feeling as inward. And that
ability to feel inwardly is a beautiful, profound and undeniable
feeling of higher Universal consciousness.

intuitive feeling is a beautiful gift that we’ve always had and it’s
getting stronger and stronger brought on by these higher frequencies. I
know the world seems to be in complete chaos right now but this is why
you’re here. You came to Earth to see the old structures breakdown.
You’re here to watch the last grasp of the fear-based structure we’ve
only known our entire existence.

feel the peace and the reason for this rockiness in our world through
the Etheric fields. We knew in the last days of change that we would be
seeing the outer collapse of…

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