Beyond the World of Appearances | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Come right in. Come over here to Me.

When We come down to it, I am what there is. We could also say that you, the so-called you, are all that there is as well. Call it you, I, We – take your pick – the One of Us is the Totality.

The world isn’t really out there. Oh, yes, it seems to be. It certainly does. You can touch it; you can hear it; you can be boondoggled by it. You can break it; you can put it together; you can love it; you can be outraged by it.

You can make anything of the extant world you like. You can prove it; reprove it; edit it; undo it; rewrite your script all over. You can also go beyond the world of appearances.

Here is where I come in. Here is the True Reality. Inside Us isn’t…

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