Accelerated Energies Bring In Precognitive Vision/Other Dimensional Being/Guides/Ascended Masters

Rose Rambles...

By Diane Canfield

Blessings Beloved Tribe,

love it when I have precognitive visions that come true within a few
hours and beings show up from another dimensions. This literally ALWAYS
makes my day. This week I experienced many psychic experiences which I
chose to share with my audience so that others can see what is possible
for humanity to experience.

Precognitive Vision

was shown a vision of a boy crying and wanting to go home. This boy was
stuck somewhere where there was no food and he had no money. It was an
outdoor area of some kind. This vision was extremely Intense and
impactful to me as visions like this that come in and are important
always have a strong emotional component to them. I felt what the boy
felt and felt incredibly sad for him. I did not want him to suffer and
felt terrible he…

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