Thought For The Day: April 15, 2019 “Surfing” — dreamweaver333

Originally posted on The Desert Path: Happy Monday, Let’s start the new week with a quote about feelings. The way we feel and the the way others make us feel is important. While it’s not good to bottle them up (ever) we must sometimes choose how and when we show them. Learning to surf our…

Thought For The Day: April 15, 2019 “Surfing” — dreamweaver333

Higher Purpose



If youve been through a bit of a startling upheaval, take a deep Breath.
Take a few deep Breaths.
You may have thought things were finally starting to smooth out, even if you still felt a bit stuck and impatient, but the challenges seemed to have subsided only raise their head again out if nowhere.
But alas, look closely
Can you look at this differently this time?
Perhaps this is just some more spring cleaning just before you start moving straight ahead.
Perhaps you needed to revisit an issue
Even if you dont currently understand why.
If youre feeling confused
And release the thinking mind
Understand that your purpose here in this Existence is much Higher than what may seem troubling at this time.
This is not to say its not important, just that YOU are much more important than your confusion.
Trust that everything will sort out how…

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16 April 2019 Power in the Darkness — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

There’s personal power to be found in the darkness, in delving into what we’ve been ignoring or denying, in recognizing where our true domain lies and in exercising our prerogatives there. I know, it’s not as glamorous as conquering new worlds, but it has a major benefit in getting all kinds of gunk out of […]

16 April 2019 Power in the Darkness — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Worlds Unknown by Kerani

Higher Density Blog


Stardust the new album by Kerani has so many great songs and each song has a story behind.
The inspiration for writing this song started with the following beautiful poem by the Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata:

Afloat in the darkness before my eyes,
the watery planet bluely glows
How strong is my affection for that ancient home of ours,
how deep my gratitude for the gift of life
Tomorrow, I will dare the blue sky
and open up worlds unknown
for there we have our dreams

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AA Metatron – Shadows to the Light – via Jahn J. Kassl – @ Era Of Light

Higher Density Blog


We are exiting the world of shadows and rising up into the light. The transformation of the earth is inevitable, and the metamorphosis of mankind isin process. But why are you having doubts?


I am amongst you now, today and forever. Your doubts will dissolve in my light, and you become loving through my love.

Beloved human,

Your long journey through space and time is coming to an end. The days of the shift have long dawned. The world is upside down – literally. Everything seems reversed, and old paradigms that used to give you a sense of stability and safety are dissolving into thin air.

This time of transition demands two things of you:

A) A clear and unclouded vision of WHAT IS.
B) An imperturbable trust in ALL-THAT-IS.

This points to having faith in God, and it is the only way…

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