Earth Free Will Planet – The History of Earth

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Earth Free Will Planet – The History of Earth. By Teri Wade.

The mixing of the DNA codes by these negative ET groups (Draco, Greys
ect.) with the evolving Earth souls through energy transmissions and
mass incarnation corrupted the whole Pleiadian experiment.

Hence, came the ego-based mentality who wants control and power over others.

Are you seeing what happened to our planet when all the sudden the ego became in charge?


The initiation of nuclear weapons changed everything on this planet and in our galaxy.

Earth is a Free Will planet and up until the invention of nuclear
power and the complete destruction of Maldek these positive factions
could not get involved but that has changed.

The souls who are in a calibration of 4th and 5th density automatically enter a vibrationally protected field.

Earth Free Will Planet

Free Will

Earth Free Will Planet

Cintamani Jewels

Don’t get this wrong meaning, these people that are…

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Headlines and Updates for April 12, 2019: Working the System & Good News for the Patriots [videos] ~ April 12, 2019

An old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times!” Well, we do… and we’ll have to make the most of it and keep HOPE in our hearts.

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The patriots and citizen journalists certainly are working the system
and the gears are turning. When we follow our urges and do what we’re
good at, magic happens.

The searchable data base that “ResignationAnon” put together as showcased by Linda Paris/Deplorable McAllister
was thorough and very encouraging, what I was able to listen to. It
shows us that while some may claim nothing is happening and nothing will
ever change, with many members of Congress and evil corporations
stepping down or getting fired there is room for change.

AND, many of those still in place will realize before long that they,
too, will be implicated in the child sex trafficking and financial

Everything is connected. Movement in one of those gears affects moving parts we can’t see. Yet.

GoodDog reminds us that Allison Mack has been singing since last
April 2018 and there are many more connected to the…

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The “Truth” of the Matter… ~ April 12, 2019

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Editor’s Note: This is a very good piece I found on Facebook put up by Mickey Megistus. Although this was actually written by Bernhard Guenther, this message resonates with me as I have learned that the “details” are not as important as the message given to my heart about whatever “issue” at hand.

Another saying form Micky’s FB site: It takes a great degree of dedication and skill to master the light, but it takes a strengthing of will and even greater skill to master the darkness. In fact, the whole of Creation itself, and its Infinite Creator, is built upon this principle. For what is light if not simply the darkness made aware of itself?

Please read this message, know the real “truth” of the matter does not lie with knowledge you tuck between your ears, and be…



seekers’ can waste a lot of time and…

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From Lumeria To Atlantis – The History Of Earth ~ April 12, 2019

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From Lumeria To Atlantis – The History Of Earth. By Teri Wade.

The Transition From Lumeria To Atlantis

During this time the Draco and Orion’s had massive fleets above the Earth.

These ships were mostly in 4th density.

These two groups had a loose alliance based on exchanging technological logy no-logical logy and keeping hostility at bay.


One of these technologies was a highly intense electro magnetic
beam used to disrupt the etheric fields around the Earth and it created a
force field to keep their enemies from coming to Earth.

After the destruction of Lumeria there was a quarantine placed around
Earth because Earth was now known as an unsavory place, not a very
desirable place to settle peaceful loving groups.

The 7th density Pleiadians put a quarantine around Earth themselves
to prevent the Draco and Orion’s corruption bleeding into the higher
etheric fields of our Universe.


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The Luciferian Rebellion – The History Of Earth ~ April 12, 2019

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The Luciferian Rebellion – The History Of Earth. By Teri Wade.

As the vibration dropped on Earth many other star systems came to incarnate, most of them in the fourth density.

Earth became a blend of many races and the Orion’s began to dominate.

Unlike the Draco’s the Original on’s were able to land directly on
the Earth in addition to come through the incarnation process.

So their numbers dramatically increased much more than the Draco’s.


The Draco’s Reptilian bodies had a very hard time adjusting to Earth’s atmosphere and gravity.

The Pleiadians watched with dismay at what was happening but they were not allowed at this time to interfere.

It was like them watching their specimen go out of control and not being able to contain it. They weren’t happy.

A group of archangels and ascended masters from 7th, 8th and 9th density were also watching Earth.


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The Beginning of Violence – The History of Earth ~ April 12, 2019

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The Beginning of Violence – The History of Earth. ByTeri Wade.

10 million years ago there was three planets that harbored life forms Earth, Mars and Maldek.

Many of the beings that got displaced by the great flood of Pangaea
incarnated on Mars and Maldek which had harsher conditions than Earth
but had forests at the Equatorial locations and plenty of water.

Most of these souls incarnated as 4th density beings. The realm of imagination, thought creation and the dream state.


The Beginning of Violence - Maldek Explosion

Maldek Explosion

The Beginning of Violence

Many other star systems took interest in these planets one of the star systems were the Draco’s who sent scout craft to Earth.

The Draco and another group from Orion constellation had planned on a
conquest of Earth but the Pleiadians were watching Earth extremely
close and wasn’t about to let it happen.

It would be like the Draco coming into…

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Mars The History of Earth – Pleiadian Teachings ~ April 12, 2019

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Mars The History of Earth. By Teri Wade.

After the destruction of Maldek the surviving souls incarnated on
Mars where the Pleiadians had an ongoing experiment with that

But, in the middle the night, so to speak, the Pleiadian laboratories
were broken into and their DNA experimental samples were stolen.

So, now the Draco had the DNA samples of the human experiment the Pleiadians were in charge of and monitoring.


Mars Was Like Earth Warm and Humid

Mars Was Like Earth – Warm and Humid

Mars The History of Earth

In the meantime the Draco and Orion beings began to interbreed
with the humanoid beings of Mars which were of the Pleiadians

The population grew immensely up to 100 million souls.

Due to the thin atmosphere on Mars and it’s distance from the sun
this planet could not house such a growing population not to mention
nuclear weapons. Unrest grew…

Because of Maldek’s destruction…

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The Powers-That-Be Are Secretly Terrified of the People’s Power … And Only PRETEND They’re Firmly In Control | Zero Hedge

Forever Unlimited

A worthwhile read that still holds true, especially if you are feeling discouraged about the state of the world. Remember, nothing is as it appears to be.  Much of a positive nature is occurring behind the scenes. Patience, Grasshopper! Also, scroll to bottom for links to George Washington’s former and current blog sites, and enjoy more of his insightful political discourse. ~PB

Apr 10

We are far more powerful than it sometimes appears:

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Energy Update: Schumann Spike Supporting Ongoing 3D/4D Matrix Unplugging

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Jelelle Awen

Energy update: We are a couple hours into a Schumann/Gaia frequency spike wave….heading up above 50 HZ, as it did yesterday as well for about an hour. I experienced my usual head/neck tension this morning and more difficulty going into deeper sleep states last couple of days, which sent me to check the Schumann graphs to see what was going on.

sra (1)

I feel this head/neck/shoulder tension still as an activation in the causal chakra (back of the head) that is connected to galactic consciousness activation, galactic DNA waking up, star family lineage reconnections. Gaia’s raising vibration supports this realization and waking up to our Star BEing entwinement and how deep it goes into our ‘history’ here on Gaia.

This galactic activation connects to the significant next level unplugging that is going on from the 3D and lower 4D matrix structures of control that have long been in…

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