Now Moment – Akatu – Pleiadian Collective ~ April 9, 2019

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Now Moment – Akatu – Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur Taygeta.


About Kabamur – One of Many, Many of One – Pleiadian Collective


Now Moment


Greetings Beloved Friends!

As We Move Forward In Each Now Moment

We Remind You There Is Only The Truth Of Now!

Now Moment


This Journey We Share With You Is Full Of Love And Wisdom From
Our Creation In ELOHIM In 12th Density (Density Is Vibrational
Frequency) To Our Home On Taygeta In 7th Dimension (Dimension Is

We Humbly Come To You With Power Unknown To This Now Reality Of You.

Cintamani Jewels

Now Moment


In Sharing We Teach That From Our Sacred Beginning With Other
Beings, We Ventured Forth And Discovered Many Created Places To Choose
In Density And Dimension.

We Spoke In Tones And Created Music And Language Came Forth!

Now Moment


Without Fear There Is Power Of Creation To All Beings.

We Manifested And Projected Our…

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Liberation From 3D/4D Timelines Possible NOW

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Jelelle Awen
Rumbles in lower 4D are really increasing in the last week. These rumbles look like rebellion and liberation, each individual soul and Metasoul aspects/soul fragments choosing what that liberation will look like. There is an opportunity to ‘unplug’ from the matrixes that have been created out of fear and resistance during this phase of polarized experimentation. This unplugging leads to more experience of resonance, love, soul purpose fueled bigness and trust in Divine Source.
The unplugging is unique to each soul aspect, yet, too, there are collective elements that are in place too. For many years, I have seen in myself and in others various ways that we have plugged into these matrixes. The Matrix movie was right on about the back of the head plug that is put into the causal chakra. The causal chakra connects us to our star family, galactic consciousness, light language…

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If you have been dedicated to your spiritual journey, chances are that by now you will have learned to balance your emotions, tune inwards for quiet and guidance as well as raise your vibration while on your own.
The difficulty may still arise whilst among others, triggering you and stepping all over your achieved calm.
Heres where you upgrade your spiritual growth.
We are all here to evolve as well as to be guiding lights for others.
We all have lessons to work on in order to evolve and yet we all also have things that teach and inspire others to evolve.
We are all together in this boat of existence
Created intertwined with a sacred purpose.
Even, and Especially, those moments in which others challenge and trigger you
ARE in fact your biggest opportunities for Growth.
It is time to change your look on things.
Yes, we’re all looking…

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The Vibrations Around You ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are doing the best that you can under the circumstances that you were born into in this lifetime. Recognize that you are affected by the vibrations that are around you. And so, the next time that you decide that you are going to be critical of yourself, remember that you have been influenced by your environment. And also, recognize that the Earth experience has been a very harsh environment, for not only this lifetime, but for almost every other one leading up to it.

You have had times in your history where things have been easier on you as a collective, and then you have had times like these. And so, you can go easy on yourself when you acknowledge how challenging the lower frequency energies have been and how much they have influenced…

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Something Strange is Happening with Disney (1923-2019) ~ April 8, 2019

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Editor’s Note: Yes, the truth is being revealed about all we thought we to be a good thing…like Disney, and the resulting, now giant, Disney Corporation. Take a look at this video, learn the truth, know that good things await us from all angles, and be…



“Something Strange is Happening with Disney” is a documentary meant for educational purposes, covering the history of the Walt Disney Company and the power it holds now as a mega-corporation.

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Trust everything that is said to you

Love's Beginning

There is a higher purpose behind every interaction, and if we’re willing to see it, we can see how we call all experiences to ourselves. We can get to the point where people speak nothing but the truth to us. If we’re not there, every time we believe we don’t hear truth from others, we can look deeper to the invitation the Oneness is extending.

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Mahala’s Astrology – Planet Alert April 2019 ~ Aptil 8, 2019

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Thanks Laura!

Mahala’s Astrology

Here we are in April already and today is the New Moon which happened
at1:50 AM PDT April 5, 2019. I love the month of April because it is
so beautiful here in Seattle. Today it was pouring down rain and it felt
really cozy. April showers bring May flowers. The grass is pretty and
green this time of year and the trees are almost in full bloom with
their beautiful white and pink blossoms. I am very grateful to be living
in such a beautiful city.

Last month on March 16-17 we received a very strong wave of high
frequency energy. I really felt that energy because a beam of light hit
me in the head on the morning of March 16 when the Schumann Resonance
hit 130 Hz. That beam really knocked me out and I am just now recovering
from that energy. It…

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