The Deep Truth Behind Why Trump is President – Collective Evolution

The Deep Truth Behind Why Trump Is President

The question comes in a lot here, why is Trump actually president? Is it a step back? Forward? Good? bad? Joe Martino goes deep on how Trump’s presidency reflects collective consciousness and what it is truly asking us to reflect on and do.

  1. The Cabal – an elite group of individuals that control politics and media
  2. A Mirror – Trump is showing us aspects about ourselves, our actions, behavior, and our beliefs — we need to make a choice or we repeat the same lessons over again;
  3. Honesty – Trump doesn’t filter, so it upsets people, he shows us how we are being triggered – Trump isn’t ‘perfect’, but he is authentic is his presentation


Roseanne Barr Explains Who Trump Really Is

Roseanne Barr discusses who Trump really is in a way many people are having trouble wrapping their heads around. Joe has been discussing this topic for quite some time now and further takes this discussion to the next level in this video.

Trump is a ‘step’ toward — for us to move out of the left/right polarity, we can begin to see our way forward.

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