Headlines and Updates for March 14, 2019: Looking Forward to V-Day [videos] ~ March 14, 2019

Rose Rambles...

I learned something yesterday… from Sir Patrick Mack at IPOT. He
showed us a US flag lapel pin on Fox’s Sean Hannity… with a Q on it. Q
the LARP. Imagine! Also featured, of course, are the usual antics around
the significance of the Q drops from March 12.

Q Anon/News – Do Unicorns Exist? – In Pursuit of Truth Presents – 3.13.19

Q’s on a tear, seems exceptionally pleased with himself and is having a larf as he trolls the psychopaths.

The Facebook/Instagram outage is due to a federal investigation (no
surprise there) and things are getting very exciting in America. Q seems
to allude to the fact that the deep state is doing a little spring
cleaning to protect them from prosecution.

Not only did DARPA steal the program for the groupware used by
Facebook from Leader Technologies, they’ve been harvesting private
citizens personal data and profiting from…

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