And We Know VIDEO 3-14-19… “SerialBrain2: Fast Train and Wacky Nut Job Decoded”

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This video by And We Know (Bitchute channel) covers the “Fast Train and Wacky Nut Job” SB2 decode (linked in this Kp blog post). Very easy to follow the article when you view and listen to this.

In particular, note at 10:03, where he shows the connections to the “Bullet Train” in California, and how all the trains and tunnels are “shut down” (meaning trafficking is, too), so all the traffickers are being scared up to the surface. The “Bullet Train” had nothing to do with building a train. And at 13:30, where he explains the reason why Ann Coulter “went nuts”, and the connection to the Clintons attending the Nutcracker Suite each year. Amazingly fascinating, and illuminating! (Ann Coulter: a secret society asset activated by HRC)

Another outstanding Illumination of SerialBrain2’s article. Enjoy the show!

[Kp note: Personally…

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