Panicked Deep State – Q Awakening Beats Deep State McCabe Book w/ Dustin Nemos

Panicked Deep State – Q Awakening Beats Deep State McCabe Book w/ Dustin Nemos

Sarah Westall

Dustin Nemos rejoins the program to discuss the phenomenal success of the “Q – An Invitation to the Awakening” book that has reached #1 on numerous categories on Amazon. It also reached #2 overall beating out the Deep State McCabe book even after his 60 minutes interview. After that level of success, the media hawks swooped down to do everything in their power to knock it down, ridicule the movement, and shut down the voices behind the movement and the book without success. This is an example of the amazing power that people can have together once we awaken and work as a united force.

Message from the Sirian Council for Planetary Advancement ~ March 15, 2019

Rose Rambles...

New Light is opening now 🌈 May feel overwhelm ♡ Slow it down ♡ Ride the energy without attachment ♡ Receive ur downloads •°♡~♡•° Christie Dimensional

Greetings human friends, we are the Sirian Council for Planetary
Advancement. We are fully surrounding your earth with loving protection.
We are observing your rapid integration of these highly advanced energy
waves and signatures and how you are integrating them more seamlessly
which causes “excitement in the rafters,” as you say. We do so love your
interesting earth phrases and we understand that some are not so
polite, but indeed, we are eager learners and do bestow you with our
great respect and honor for being here in the final hour, the final push
as the energies shift and flux.

We see great changes becoming more integrated with the grace and ease
of the masters weaving them, with purpose, with intent. Those masters

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We Must Save Ourselves

Rose Rambles...

By: Teri Wade


all heard the saying “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” We are
the ones that will save ourselves nobody is going to do it for us. We
are the ones responsible for saving ourselves. Too many think it’s a
frightening thought but believe me there is a plan, there always has
been a plan and your higher self is in on it.

the truth and finding out the darkness of what really has been going on
in our world, our entire existence, can be quite shocking for some. It
takes understanding and some level of objectivity to be able to handle
the truth without going insane or becoming depressed and some handle it
very well.

majority of the population has no idea of the dense energetic field
that has been placed around our planet that not only traps us but works

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David Wilcock on Ascension: Q&A’s

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source: David Wilcock/ Divine Cosmos

Published on Mar 14, 2019David Wilcock’s research and teachings on Ascension have captivated the imagination of millions. Sign up for “the Ph.D. course” at Our team took your questions and assembled them into a very far-reaching summary that David tackles over the course of 90 minutes. Get new briefings, powerful insights and a deepening sense of confidence that all is well in the world despite the craziness!

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Spiritual Warfare ~ Teri Wade, March 15, 2019

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Source: Teri Wade

Spiritual Warfare…

There is a battle raging with the dark forces and those of the light

for control of this planet and the human consciousness as well as the use of the human body and our DNA. The people that are aware of this spiritual warfare are feeling the intense pressure daily as this battle rages on the interdimensional planes.

This is a massive war and the players are non-human and human and goes way beyond the planetary elite. Those that have been placed in positions of power have been put there by consent and their willingness to carry out the crimes against humanity on behalf of the negative alien agenda in exchange for money, resources, power and temporary life extension. Some of them have been told that they will be taken to other planets for safety when full disclosure hits.

People are becoming more aware of…

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X22 Report, 3.15.19

This Is What Economic Control Looks Like, Boom – Episode 1816a

Increasing the minimum wages does not help the people, it might look like it does in the short run but in the long run, they are exactly back to where they started or out of work. The real problem lays with the economic system that we are in. Trump and the Patriots now have control over the Fed, the Fed is going to be in a holding pattern and talking about maybe increasing the rates in the 3rd quarter.


Placeholders Ready To Be Filled, Narrative Change Needed, Be Vigilant – Episode 1816b

More posts were dropped. More and more evidence is now coming out, this evidence shows who is involved, who conspired and what comes next. There is a narrative shift coming and we all need to be vigilant. The latest event was to hit at Trump to discredit him in any way possible, plus the [DS] was pushing new legislation, and as we know new legislation does not move unless there is an event. The countdown continues.

Lucifer Underneath the Vatican

Lucifer is depicted underneath the Vatican, why would you want a follow a pope that lets this happen. Pope Francis is very evil.
The Catholic Church is a hotbed of Satanism, pedophilia, corruption, bribery, blackmail, and political chicanery.  It celebrates blood rituals typified in the Act of Communion (figurative) and satanic ritual abuse of children (literal).  High ranking churchmen are required to participate in satanic ritual abuse through the 9th Circle. It is the largest cult and corporation in the world.  If you know these things and still go to church, you are overtly supporting a satanic agenda. 

Socialism, Communism – The Secret Societies Behind Communism – Part 2, 3

In case you’re still convinced socialism is capable of functioning in the real world…

Socialism: An Inconvenient Truth [Episode 3]

Many people are throwing the term #socialism around but do they really understand the true meaning of it and its origin of where it came from?

The #DeepState was built on lies and deceit and wanted to hide from the #communism agenda. And how did one man, Saul Alinsky, go from being a nobody to being the godfather of socialism movements? And more importantly who was his friends and who was inspired by him decades later?

On this third episode of Edge of Wonder of our communism series, we take you to the roots of socialism and how it has been used as a tool against the American people.


The Secret Societies Behind Communism [Ep 2]

Have you ever wondered how #communism and secret societies relate to each other? In this episode on Edge of Wonder, we will expose how the #Illuminati were secretly behind the French revolution and how one man, Adam Weishaupt infiltrated and influenced 2 different societies and combined them into one.
Soon a dark plot was thus born as this ideology spread all over Europe, then to China, and even eventually to the United States.
But who was Adam Weishaupt, and where did he come from, and why has his name been erased from history books?
Also, why is one of the most important meetings in recent history never talked about? We will explore all of this and more on our series of the #DeepState cult: communism.
Episode 1: Why Communism is the Deep State’s Mind Control Cult: