The Value Of The Breath ~ A message from Jesus/Jeshua ~ March 13, 2019

Yeshua was a fragment of Lord Sananda Kumara, son of Sanat Kumara, former Lord of the World, hence ‘Father’. His compassionate teachings reach all kinds of people at various levels of soul evolution. He was the Avatar of the Piscean Age as Saint Germain is the Avatar of the Aquarian Age. Yeshua reiterated (moved through) the stages of the Path of Ascension as a Witness that all humanity can do the same. He and his followers anchored the Flame of Christ Consciousness, once again, on the planet so all could follow in His footsteps. Seek not to put Him on a pedestal, but grow your own awareness of YOUR three-fold Flame which resides within your Heart Center.

Rose Rambles...

by Judith Coates

one, let us now speak about the value of the breath. To breathe in is
the first thing that you do at birth into human form—or as the
fourfooted, as well—and to breathe out is the last thing that you do
when you are laying down the body and moving into the true form of the
energy of Light.

we were designing a form, there was a meeting of minds to design
something that would be agile and attractive. We tried out several forms
in the four-footed category. You have ones that are in what you call
your mythology that you say, “Well, it couldn’t be,” but it was. And
yes, we did the unicorn and the satyr, the combination of what was half
horse—the back end anyway—and the human form of man or woman in the

as part of the design, we…

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