The Sun Will Not Sneeze; No “Event Flash” and No Catastrophic Earth Events [videos]

Brad Johnson is a well-grounded channeler and spiritual advisor. I also appreciate Cindy’s viewpoint on the information coming from Brad and other YouTubers. Remember, when it is all about “doom and gloom”, it is a psyop designed to put you into fear, which is where the off-world controllers want you to be so they can harvest your emotional energies. Seek balance, inner calm, and a connection to your own Higher Self. Learn from others, but mostly from your own experience and insights.

Rose Rambles...

I watched this refreshingly different take a few days ago on the
sun’s activity or lack thereof and the confirmation that in Brad
Johnson’s opinion, there will be no singular “Event flash”, dramatic
pole shift, or other events that would wreak havoc on our planet. The
reason is due to the timelines we’re on now, and we understand that the
negative timelines have been eliminated so it stands to reason.

He believes the Event flash to be a psyop, not discounting that many
solar waves are and will continue to wash over our planet to prepare us
and move us toward the higher realms. The sun’s electromagnetic waves
may knock out some of our communications and power temporarily but
nothing catastrophic.

He also explains what may cause the many “booms” we’re hearing all
over the planet. It’s an interesting theory and Brad’s information
resonates strongly.

I am and always have…

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