Quantum Communion

Koyopa Rising


Even channeling is evolving. Watch out world, the acceleration of consciousness is off the charts. But again, we must choose to engage with this cosmic wave on an individual level. If we continue to choose consensus reality, consciously or unconsciously, our soul will move us into another very long cycle of learning-remembering within this limited construct.  If we consciously engage to reawaken our Universal Self, context, and capacities; we will know and be, “the Truth that sets us free.”

Sound of Gold Files: DisinformationToQuantumCommunion071615. Excerpt transcribed from verbal translation: “Now, the “new to you” forms of mediumship and communion referred to as channeling in the past, and we refer to it as quantum communion at this time, is there is a switching on of this new pathway, this wide-open pathway with your heart consciousness to perceive data that does not need to be reduced to words for you to understand…

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