Pass the marshmallows

Love's Beginning

We invite you to look upon perceived points of decision today. Just look at when you think you want one option over another. How does it feel? Does it flow smoothly and peacefully? Is there resistance and struggle? Is there indecision?

There is a way to allow all perceived decisions to flow smoothly. It comes from allowance. You allow all things to be as they are, and you allow all decisions to spring forth from that which you are rather than that which you aren’t.

Disturbed feelings are a clue for you. They mean that-which-you-aren’t is in the body’s driver’s seat. Isn’t it nice to have a reliable alarm system?  That’s why your willingness to feel is so important.

Your ability to feel, once the world has been turned over for the purpose of healing, becomes your indicator of who is driving the body through the story. Is ego driving…

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