Headlines and Updates for March 13, 2019: Counting Down—T[-6] [videos] ~ March 13, 2019

Rose Rambles...

The Ides of March are 2 days off, and March 19 is only a few days
away. We’re waiting with baited breath to see what will unfold between
now and then. The cascade of truths will be exciting, and the patriots
will be hard at work sharing it—with memes!

QAnon is busy trolling the deep
state, whose claims don’t add up. We’ve also had more specific
information as to what is coming and the effect it will have.

SerialBrain2 brings us another decode, for those interested.

Alex Jones outed? I hate to say I told you so…

Post # 146 – Fast Train and Wacky Nut Job decoded.

This just in…

Senate talks collapse on avoiding Trump showdown over emergency declaration

Our unfortunate friends in Venezuela have another major challenge to
deal with; a dangerous one. More sabotage, probably, and those trucks of
supplies from the US were torched. I…

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