Aluna Ash- 9D: Cosmic Rays Incoming

‘Waves’ is the keyword; each wave prepares your body for the next one. Pay attention, let go.

Forever Unlimited

Cosmic Rays Incoming

Published on Mar 13, 2019

Some signs before “Event”
Chills Hot/cold
Not hungry or extra hungry
Weight changes
Intuitive knowing
Ringing in ears
Body aches
Emotions surface
Telepathy increase
Lucid dreaming increase
Seeing light flashes.
Tired or too much energy
Seeing light sparks w pink cloud/light
You may be guided to lay down just before it hits.
Heart chakra activity
Third eye pressure
Blurred vision
Changes in cycle(women)
(For those that experience this wave, not all will feel or see it- perception/projection based w frequency)
Wave of Cosmic Rays/Cosmic consciousness incoming prior to Portal- 17th-20th and the next collective timeline shift🤗🤗😎😎
March- May every year there is usually an increase with Solar activity.

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