Pope Francis Fired – Ben Fulford ~ March 12, 2019

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Pope Francis Fired

We skipped a week in the BSF reports as the BS had spilled and hit the fan, and despite the efforts we could not find a small part of the truth. Let’s try again this week with the exercise of finding a real thing in the midst of the things that Benji continues to publish. There is always doubt whether it makes sense to publish these things, especially if in his in-depth analysis BF always lacks any reference to QAnon… our sources say.DNI

Pope Francis Fired. By Ben Fulford.

Pope Francis Fired as 13 Bloodlines and Gnostic Illuminati negotiate end of Western civil war.

Pope Francis has been relieved of power as a part of a deal being
negotiated between the Gnostic Illuminati and the 13 ruling bloodlines,
say two sources, one a European royal, the other a Pentagon boss.

The two Western power centers…

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