Hold space for you


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Things seem to have become a bit hectic as of late.
With all these intense energy shifts
Everything is accelerated for you to release the old limitations that do not serve you and ride the wave towards manifesting your brilliance.
At times there is confusion and even exhaustion.
It is imperative to hold a space for yourself in the best way you know and can, to rebalance yourself,to allow the processing of all thats going on to unfold in a balanced manner and to make sure you have not been adapting yourself to the energy of others and carrying their own intensity.
Find quiet time
Breathe deeply
Tune in
Tune into your soul and what it needs from you
Tune into your body and what it needs from you
Rest if needed
Do what you like to find calm
Listen to spirit
Ask for higher guidance
Allow any stress…

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The Rising Light Field and so much more!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Weird, I literally just typed in the half sentence “Can you believe we are halfway thru March and a quarter…” at that very moment my blog just automatically published itself. Publishing is not a one click process, yet… there it went all by itself. Anyone who gets the feed in their mailbox, I deleted it because the quoted half sentence was all that was in it.

One this I know from this crazy long path, nothing like that is a fluke. If it feels like time is speeding up, then everything involved in time, must also speed too. May that also be the speed in which this world evolves, because let me tell you, the sneak peaks I am having the privilege of experiencing thru the readings, OMG I just want to be there already!!

The last couple days there have been a couple people who’s reading focused on the…

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Peak Fear: The Climb Before The Fall Into Love

SoulFullHeart Healing

by Kalayna Solais

We are living into a big crescendo right now, especially pushed up by the coming Equinox and this trinity of Supermoons. I keep being offered to call this crescendo ‘Peak Fear’ and that’s certainly what it feels like is happening. We are living into a dark time where the rumble of awakening out of 3D slumber and into lower 4D awarenesses is understandably pushing up fear.

The fear though is not so much coming from a need to fear what’s on the outside and how what’s rumbling in the collective will affect you personally. The fear is actually a reaction to what’s been in your personal shadow and is now coming up to be witnessed, felt, and ultimately loved UP. The fear of seeing timelines/lifetimes where your personal Metasoul has been involved in all of the terrible crimes that are actually quite triggering for you in this…

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14 March 2019 The Inferior Conjunction, And Taking A Stand — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY


You can feel the ambition flowing through you today, can’t you? You may label it something else: restlessness, desire, passion, ants-in-the-pants, but in any case, you want to make the best situation for yourself possible–that’s what ambition really is–with the agitation caused by some slight discrepancy between the idea of our personal values that inform […]

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Wholeness on Behalf of the Universe | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, where are you going? What journey are you on? This time around for you isn’t likely your first time around, yet who knows and how significant is a question anyway? There are more meaningful matters than curiosity or stealth to account for.

There is Love Abundant. There is Love Abiding. There is Love known to stir your heart on My Behalf and on behalf of the Universe and also on behalf of yourself and others as well.

Of course, generally speaking, you are curious beyond measure – the Oneness that is referred to as You My Beloved, you at this moment. You don’t have to be curious. It isn’t a necessity, nor is curiosity a strike against you. At the same time, your curiosity doesn’t have to be answered right and left. Please understand your place in the Universe.

Beloved One, You are the One Divinity that…

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How to Access High-Vibrational Information ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been noticing the ways that you all have of downloading information, and we also notice how you sometimes run that information against what you already know to be true. You filter new information through old beliefs, and that keeps you from expanding to include new information. So, the way for you to correct this is to let information that you download go further than your physical mind.

You want to run that information through your hearts. You want to see how it feels. You want to feel whether it resonates or not, and when you do this, you are opening your hearts, which is even better than opening your minds. Your minds will always follow the vibration that you are offering. In other words, your minds have the ability to attract higher vibrational…

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QAnon March 12 2019 – Whistleblower ~ March 12, 2019

Are all the pieces of the puzzle ready to be placed on the board — all the information shared over two years understood? Well, it’s all about to be revealed, at least what the public can swallow in drips and drabs…

Rose Rambles...

QAnon March 12 2019 – Whistleblower. ByInterstellar. Source8Chan.Updated 23:23 UTC



Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 4e2d8f No.5631220 Mar 12 2019 00:17:15 (UTC)



1 = 2

Papadopoulos met the Senate Intel Committee today to testify re:
Gaeta? Sep ’18 piece re: connections to Misfud/Downer and Gaeta’s role
in Steele dossier being used for Carter Page FISA warrant (which allowed
to hop spying on Trump campaign).QAnon March 12 2019 – Whistleblower

Lisa Mei Crowley, @LisaMei62

#QAnon drop No. 3031…

1. Link to @GeorgePapa19 Tweet with image from @jeremyherb ==> Coffee in hand.

2. Link 2 EpochTimes ==> Interview With FBI’s Gaeta, Central to Russiagate, Among 53 Transcripts Slated for Release.
voted on Sept. 28 to release the transcripts of 53 interviews conducted
during their investigation of Russian Interference during the 2016
Election. Transcripts include DNI Clapper, AG Lynch, Deputy AG
SallyYates and…

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Headlines and Updates for March 12, 2019: Gathering Momentum [videos] ~ March 12, 2019

Rose Rambles...

The Q army went to work last night after QAnon posted the following in response to the Tweet below from this patriot:

Nate Cain, Federal Whistleblower, Needs Our Prayers

3033Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 11 Mar 2019 – 5:49:45 PM



Stay in the LIGHT.
Remain in open comms w/ Sen Graham & Grassley re: Whistleblower Protection Act.
They will take your phone calls.

Nate Cain: Husband, Father, US Army vet,
Cybersecurity expert, Federal Whistleblower.
I love my God, my family, and my country. I am a patriot.
Union Bridge, MD

Someone Tweeted that Q is a LARP, and Cain replied he doesn’t know
who Q is, but they posted on 8Chan about his situation and subsequently
thousands of prayers appeared on his feed. How is that a bad thing?

Q is a LARP that protects whistleblowers? Terrible.

We are watching. ~ BP

This just in…

Pence floats offer to kill…

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