Utsava Psychic Medium – Confirmed: Hillary Died; Pelosi Arrest, Alabama, FISA, Mind-control, Visions about Trump, Global Currency Reset, NK

Confirmed: Hillary died, FISA, Pelosi arrest, Alabama, Mind control, Visions about Trump, Reset

Utsava Psychic Medium

#WWG1WGA. Utsava has seen a former High-level politician in hell on the other side-guess who? Q Anon has confirmed again lots of Utsava’s prophecies. Learn about Psychic Utsava’s new prophetic and psychic visions. About the upcoming FISA declass, Hillary Clintons’ judgment, the upcoming Reset, her new predictions and gain access to Higher consciousness. Learn about new visions Utsava has received about President Trump and how he brings the World together to move away from the Central Banker Deep state control towards freedom and prosperity.

Editor’s Note:  One thing people need to realize, a psychic like Utsava is capable of walking timelines, seeing the past/present/future simultaneously.  It doesn’t necessarily mean what she is seeing will play out as timelines can be altered by the effect of changes in human consciousness.  Utsava does have a good record for being very accurate with her predictions.  Learn to use your own intuition and discernment when viewing this sort of material.  It is presented as a different point of view, not necessarily one held by the editor.

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