Headlines and Updates for March 11, 2019: It’s About to Get Real [videos] ~ March 11, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Can you stand it? The tension; the anxiety; the buildup—March
Madness. It appears Trump and the patriots have determined that we are
ready. The public is ready to handle some painful truths and WE are the
news now.

Q says what’s coming is historic and nothing can stop it. We’ve been
through boot camp and we know what to do. It’s almost time for battle

March will soon be mega-meme-mania! When the news Hannity told us
about drops, patriots will hit social media, blogs, websites, YouTube,
fake news sites—every platform available—and let the world know what’s
REALLY going on.

Grease up your keyboards and Ninja mouses, folks. It’s about to get real.

It’s daylight saving time now so I’m THREE hours behind the East coast. Sleep is over-rated anyway. I would know.

Thank you for all the kind birthday wishes, Starship family. Thanks
to you, I enjoy wonderful company…

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