X22 Report, March 10, 2019

[CB]’s Fold, Exposure Is High, Patriots Are In Control- Episode 1811a

Trump is controlling the narrative when it comes to the economy. The statistical numbers are amazing, he is using the same weapons the [DS] [CB] used against the people against them. Trade deals reversed, globalism is now being dismantled. The next obstacle is to change how currency is created because most of the world is drowning in debt. The [CB] have just backed off of their plan, their biggest fear is being exposed, Patriots in control.


Be Vigilant, Indictments Coming, Pain Is Coming – Episode 1811b

Nellie Ohr was working with the CIA at the time she was pushing the dossier, the testimony of Bruce, Nellie and others are not making sense, they are contradicting each other. Clapper is trying to backtrack on lying because he knows that this can be used against him. Trump Jr., Nadler should recuse himself. Venezuela blackout was most likely caused by the [DS]. Q drops more bread, indictments are coming, the truth is about to be pushed onto the world. The Great Awakening across the globe is about to begin.

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