Via Benjamin Fulford, 3-10-19… “Top-level discussion between CIA and MI6 about the tip-top of Western power and what’s going on behind the scenes”

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I was checking Benjamin’s website, and this showed up. I found it pretty fascinating, and felt drawn to post it. I believe the answers are from the MI6 person (British Intelligence) and the questions are from the CIA person. The parts about Bitcoin and blockchain may be related to the Quantum Financial System many have been talking about.

This is not the weekly report.

“[Q: explain the “World Future Planning Agency.”] A proposed new economic planning agency in peacetime as the Khazarian Mafia control matrix rapidly collapses. Similar to the Marshall Plan, but more like the Asian Economic Planning Agencies.

“[Q: Do you believe that you were recruited to solve the global currency and financial crisis whereabouts this financial reset is necessary?] Yes, I own the patents for the new quantum financial systems and single digital world currency unit which resolve the difficulties in the architecture of legacy systems.

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