Event Dress Rehearsal and a “Major Third” [UPDATE3] ~ March 10, 2019

Rose Rambles...

We were talking with Lisa Gawlas a few
days ago and she is dividing this part of March into “three individual
quarters,” which we reminded her are called “thirds.” Then we realized
she meant the days from 3/1 to 3/21, seven days for each segment. This
could just be an energy thing… but it might also be something else.

Before we get into that… note that each new upgrade we all feel is
preceded by solar activity, the sun serving as our Local Reality
Projector. When you see a CME come off the sun, it’s the next reel (for
those who know how old projectors used to work) for the solar system and
surrounding cosmic neighborhood.

We were expecting a smallish CME right before this latest one
happened… and there it was. But… before that… this gigantor ship showed

Das ist big! Then it did this:


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