BREAKING UPDATE: Vatican Aligns with Mormons, New Mormon Temple in Rome, 9th Circle w/ Kevin Annett

BREAKING UPDATE: the Vatican Aligns with Mormons, New Mormon Temple in Rome, 9th Circle w/ Kevin Annett

Sarah Westall

Kevin Annett rejoins the program to report on the most recent news coming out of the Vatican. He shares the recent meeting between Bergoglio and the heads of the Mormon church. He also explains the meaning of the new Mormon temple in Rome and questions why the Vatican would allow it’s existence when historically no other “Pagan” religions have ever been allowed in Rome without serious ramifications by authorities.

(Editor’s note: According to Benjamin Fulford, the Pope has been removed from power but remains as a figurehead.  Much is going on behind the scenes…)

These reports are paradigm-shattering:

  • Mormons and child trafficking?
  • Satanic rituals in Salt Lake City
  • Ninth Circle Satanic Rituals in the new Mormon Temple in Rome?
  • Bergoglio is no longer in power
  • Attacks against Kenneth Annett and his associates – taking flak?  You’re over the target.
  • Murder of children at Indian schools in Canada
  • Huge pedophile network is based now in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Russian Mafia is in Salt Lake City, UT

You can see extensive research articles, radio interviews, and other publications about these topics and more at

Also, see Kevin Annett’s weekly radio show at

Kenneth Annett’s work is backed up by numerous eye-witness sources.

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