Manifestation and Dissolution

Reflections of Riverman

Manifestation and Dissolution.png

Manifestation and Dissolution

Has anyone felt like they have been attacked on some level over the past week?
It doesn’t matter whether it was psychically or physically… just at some level of your awareness.
Of course many could say that every week but that would be a different talk.

Feeling attacked on any level is never a pleasant experience.
Yet, it is an opportunity to realign our emotional attachments to what may not serve our Higher Self any longer.

Our first reaction is emotional shock and then we go into the fight or flight adrenaline mode.

It is here where our greatest opportunity lies.
It is an opportunity to re-evaluate ourselves and act from a completely new center of resonance.

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So let’s talk about the word Manifest first…
Having the ability to create, achieve or bring about change
This is who…

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