Blowback? QAnon Book Is Best-seller as Deplatforming ‘Strengthens’ Conspiracy Theorists [video] ~ March 9, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: no doubt about it, my friends….Trump/Q ARE the ones to turn the tide of evil operating in our world, well…just about everywhere! And the “trump” card is being played globally against corruption as seen in Starship Earth’s article below.

Can you believe that most in our country do not yet “know” about Q at all? That’s a scary thought for me, but the awake can all see the end of times as the evil components that are all we have ever known are drawing to a close.

Please read this article, rejoice as we witness the end of the dark on our planet, and be…



I realized in a lucid moment this morning that the reason the
patriots on the QAnon team are using WWG1WGA (Where We Go One We Go
All), the inscription on the ship’s bell on JFK’s boat, is literally
because they are…

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