Without a Beginning, Can There Be an Ending? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, when I say there is no beginning and no ending, you may feel strongly that there must be some kind of finale to be done and over with. You ask Me:

“God, did not creation at least presumably exist before Your children could land on Earth, at the very least stuck in the illusion of the relative world? There has to have been at least a presumption of the illusory world as a given. At least, the extraneous world can truthfully be said to have been around before Your children arrived. Is this stated or understated? This gets wobbly for me.

“At least part of life exists straight up, God, for how You had to be here to greet Adam and Eve and to speak Truth now.”

I, God, think, speak, hear you tremble, and I love you. I see a reason for everything while you, Beloved…

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