Sarah Varcas: March 2019 – April 2026 Uranus in Taurus: Thinking Outside a Broken Box

Forever Unlimited

 Energy Report, Uranus in Taurus, eco-spirituality, managing the mind, managing emotions, astrology report, sustainability, new moon in Pisces, Neptune in Pisces, Mercury retrograde, Chiron in Aries

Uranus enters Taurus on 6th March 2019 (UT). The planet of radical disruption, unpredictable events and liberating discontinuity in the zodiac sign known for its stubborn resistance to change promises to keep us all on our toes! Since May 2010 when Uranus first entered Aries, there’s been a certain amount of leeway available for the more impulsive among us. Aries is fast to act, quick to change, always ready to begin something new: if the first attempt didn’t work out let’s try this, then that. It doesn’t hang around for the long haul, trying to force blood from a stone. And it doesn’t hold our mistakes against us! Taurus, on the other hand, is intransigent, eager to stick on the same path no matter what. Uranus here is just as radical and…

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