Now Is The Time To Free Yourselves Of All Limitations And Beliefs ~ March 7, 2019

Rose Rambles...

byJenny Schiltz

of us are finding ourselves in a new space, a new world where we are
discovering that nothing operates as it used too. We are having to throw
away all that we knew and really FEEL our way through this new space. I
remember saying as a child that our world was upside down, nothing
worked as it should. Well, now the world is working right side up. It is
unlike anything we have experienced but our soul remembers and will
help us to navigate this new space. We simply need to follow the lead.

get a better understanding I asked to be shown where we are right now. I
was shown this holding area, like a giant container. Just beyond the
holding center was a threshold of the most amazing colors. Peaches,
teals, oranges, golds, whites, and pinks. Beyond the thresholds were
streams of…

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