Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Surprises That Change Your Life in Wondrous Ways

Tania Marie

You’ve all experienced the element of surprise – the moments that take you off-guard or provide quite the shock to your life. These jolts can take the form of unwelcome and shattering surprises, sweet and exciting ones, and a whole gamut in between. In any of these cases, surprises herald shifts in your feelings and experiences that act like defining moments in your life that provide opportunity and greater possibility.

Today’s message from Astrid is about learning to find greater peace with surprise and to know that while sometimes these surprises feel painful or challenging, they can also be eye-opening, nurturing, and reflections of you being ready for so much more.


Being that tomorrow marks the official day four years ago that I adopted Cosmo, our special needs bunny extraordinaire, Astrid is inviting him into today’s message because she knows that like her appearance in my life, he was…

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Deep State’s Cult COMMUNISM

Why Communism is the Deep State’s Mind Control Cult [Ep1]

Edge of Wonder

Edge of Wonder Official YouTube Channel

We all have heard of #communism but not many of us really know the true history of why and how Karl Marx wrote his manifesto. Was he acting alone, or was the #DeepState involved with its origin?

Many people have been led to believe that communism could work and are pushing for a change in the political system. However, we are never told the sheer number of lives these dictators have taken, such as Mao, Lenin, and Stalin.

Also is there a secret agenda that socialist leaders of the past and present are pushing?

Join us on this part 1 episode of our very special series on Edge of Wonder, on the origins of communism and how it is the Deep State’s cult.

NAZIs were Social Democrats… and now, the rabbit hole gets deeper… Hitler was of the Rothschild bloodline.  The 13th Satanic bloodline families sponsored Hitler AND Marx.

9 March 2019 The Primal Voice — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY


Have you ever been descending steps and hesitated, suddenly unsure of the step’s depth or placement, suddenly fearing you’re going to take a tumble? That’s today: the startle at a shadow that wasn’t there a moment ago, a breeze coming out of nowhere that chills, reaching into a dark closet or entering a darkened hallway […]

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March 2019 Energy Report ~ Finalizing the Ascension Cycle ~ March 7, 2019

Rose Rambles...

a message fromJennifer Hoffman

in the 3rd month of 2019 now and it has a 3-3 vibration so we’re at a
point of mastery potential all month. Will we rise to the occasion and
allow this mastery to become mirrored in our own energy field? Even with
a Mercury retrograde, March has tremendous potential for forward
movement on an energetic level, think of frequency and vibration, not
speed and motion. So even if we do not think that we are actively moving
forward, we need to consider action and movement in the context of the
whole energy field, how much it is shifting, and how action must first
be grounded internally and energetically before manifesting itself

opens to a new moon at 15 degrees of Pisces, just as Mercury goes
retrograde in Pisces, Chiron just moved from Pisces to Aries, Venus
moves into Aquarius, and the…

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Now Is The Time To Free Yourselves Of All Limitations And Beliefs ~ March 7, 2019

Rose Rambles...

byJenny Schiltz

of us are finding ourselves in a new space, a new world where we are
discovering that nothing operates as it used too. We are having to throw
away all that we knew and really FEEL our way through this new space. I
remember saying as a child that our world was upside down, nothing
worked as it should. Well, now the world is working right side up. It is
unlike anything we have experienced but our soul remembers and will
help us to navigate this new space. We simply need to follow the lead.

get a better understanding I asked to be shown where we are right now. I
was shown this holding area, like a giant container. Just beyond the
holding center was a threshold of the most amazing colors. Peaches,
teals, oranges, golds, whites, and pinks. Beyond the thresholds were
streams of…

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Energy Update And A Message From The Advanced Council of Interplanetary Light – Diane Canfield March 7, 2019

Love&Freedom Blog

By Diane Canfield

Blessings Everyone,

Upgrades/Purging Then Bliss

With the energy of February being so intense many are asking me for another energy update. The first 2 weeks of February we experienced massive upgrades coming in that completely transformed our DNA/LIGHT BODY structure. You may be able to feel this by now feeling more connected/closer to Source/Creator Energy. This is what DNA encoding does, bring us closer to TRUTH and the Creator. This was followed by Massive Waves of Bliss that came in and lasted for a few days. Then more recently we experienced another upgrade through geomagnetic storms at the end of the month which was again followed by some days of bliss. The new phonomenon of purging then bliss is something I was just told is going on by my team in the higher realms and these messages I pass on to the Ascension Team.

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“The Daily Angel” March 8th

New Beginnings Guatemala

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
welcome to another day of my column “The Daily Angel” with solid advice from the angelic realms. DON’T FORGET TO SIGN UP RIGHT HERE, on the right sidebar of my homepage, to get the information delivered into your mailbox every morning!
I am extremely excited about the brand new angel number frequency that we have been provided with for today. It is the powerful influence of the spiritual warrior within our soul and daily life. Take a look and align yourself dear people!!

This is the Angelic Number most vivid today:
Angel Number 777:

The number seven in this universe is representing the energy field of the spiritual warrior, the mystics and the truth seeker. It is also a number of the spirit guide power that is centered in the sacred heart within each of us. As it is tripled in impact, it…

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x22Report 3-7-19… “Dark To Light, But Something Is Lurking In The Shadows”

Kauilapele's Blog

Found much of the information in this x22Report video very illuminating.

Published on Mar 7, 2019
CNN and Cohen are caught in a lie, and then the story was corrected, which tells a different story.
Trump has enough money to build half of the wall.
UN Rep says there is no humanitarian problem in Venezuela.
The NK missile site that is being constructed is actually a satellite launch pad.
OPCW report from Syria counters the intelligence story that chlorine or other types of gas were used in Syria.
Q drops more bread, warns us about FB and Google again.
Q gives us images of Denver airport.
Flynn changes his background, the light is shining through.
We are now moving from Dark to Light but something is lurking in the shadows.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

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Your Powerful Emotions ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

The planet you live on is a water planet. The presence of Water amplifies emotions. One of the lessons hopefully learned while living on Earth, is how to control and utilize the emotional body, one of your four ‘lower’ bodies (physical, etheric, emotional, mental)

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are interested in the different ways in which you all have of processing your emotions. We like to learn from watching you, and we like to see what also triggers those emotional states within you. We are interested in this because we know that you are essentially emotional beings. You do things, and you say things, and you certainly think a lot of things, but when you feel things, that’s when you get in touch with who you really are.

You can, of course, avoid, suppress, and numb yourself to your emotions, but eventually they will catch up with you, and you will have to feel them, because your emotions are energy, and that energy wants to move. It wants to move through you. Now, we see most of you not very comfortable with…

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