Energy Report March 6/7 By Kwana Mikaela

Love&Freedom Blog

Source: Kwana Mikaela


Outburst of high intensity Plasma Light; MASSIVE FLUX of energy wave, in early morning/night hours during 6 March (depends on ‘time zone’ you are in).

Intensity of energetic background for today is HUGE; and, there can use even word ‘vast’ in amplitude. 6/7 March is the next Turning POINT with Big SHIFT. It is not one day’s occurance. Because of intense changes in energy itself, there can be a “little” differences during next three days 6 – 8 March.

We already faced cellular upgrades – heat – fire/Light within, and in this NOW, we are moving forward with Shift/Plasma Fire we need in order to take Quantum Leap. All is in perfect Divine way and Moment.

Perception/Response (pauses, slow reaction, temporary distartions in memory, cognitive shutdown(!)); dizziness – vertigo. New crystalline Light programm for Mind/Mental; upgrades in brain; energetic patterns in head…

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