Energy Update: Schumann Spikes Help To Collapse Old Timelines & Bring In New

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Jelelle Awen

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Energy update: Seeing some spikes in the Gaia/Schumann frequency in the last few days and actually right in this moment. These spikes seem to be lasting one to three hours in duration with sometimes several hour gaps between them. This feels like a bit of a mercy in a way, as we receive a jolt and boost….and then some space to integrate.

This is a time/phase of sometimes pretty major timeline collapses and shiftings. As I wrote about yesterday in this writing:…/timelines-collapsing-as-yo…/

“Powerful, catalytic energies this month of March already, just starting and yet JUMP starting so much it seems. You may be experiencing a major timeline collapse right now in your life. This may be in the form of relationships, career/job, geography, physical health, etc. The previous, even beloved in many ways, timeline that you called, ‘your life’ is shifting in a rumbling and…

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Energy Update Amanda Lawrence March 7th 2018

Love&Freedom Blog

Source: Amanda Lawrence

Sharing a post that is still relevant today:


Everyone has shifted up an energetic ‘gear’ due to last night’s incoming energy during sleeping mode. Generally speaking this will mean certain human role changes begin to take effect. Role change can only be truly known by the individual them self, for each human comes to Earth with THEIR unique template, path and outcome. Not all roles change. For there are Starseeds who have chosen to come in, embody higher frequency and STAY to assist the collective after the Shift point.


However, there are Starseeds who have come in to perform SPECIFIC work, and then ascend. So I speak more especially to those Starseeds that: Come in, Awaken and embody high frequency, Work divine mission for Collective Mass Ascension, Leave third dimension construct. These beings have KNOWN a specific mission would begin at divine point that…

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The Elysian Light- Joanna Fay March 6th 2019


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Angelic ‘Sky Pagoda’ forms in clouds following a node activation/light alignment on February 27th 2019.

Dear All,

In the lastGalactic Council Update, we shared news of a Council meeting at Canopus, alpha star of the Carina constellation, with a great array of soul groups gathered there, represented through many orbs of varied colours and light vibrations…and how this meeting flowed on from a major level of Light anchoring on Earth during the Lunar Eclipse of January 20th 2019, that has opened this next stage of planetary ascension. Galactically, this is all vibrationally related to releases and transformations occurring in other regions that have direct energy reflections (quantum resonance) with the Earth and Solar System as a whole, just as the Earth’s upliftments in frequency ripple out to the galaxy and universe.

Following on very swiftly from the Council’s meeting at Canopus, another high light shift has…

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As you walk towards your personal mountain top
There will be many distractions
The closer you are, the further away you get from your limiting comfort zone
It is very easy to give into distractions that come up from within or without, taking you away from achieving your goals.
At this time you are so very close
This may seem so very scary to you
And just as you attempt to take this leap
Suddenly anything and everything comes up to distract you
It is essential you pay attention and not sway from your path at this time
You are indeed so very close
You have come such a long way
Stay focused
Detect exactly what needs fine tuning, what still needs healing, development and improvement for you to step on the path of your choice.
Be gentle and compassionate with yourself
As it is a process and it is…

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Emotional Release – Natalia Alba, March 7th 2019

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Source Natalia Alba

Beloved Light Emissaries,

We are immersed within a very creative, and profound, Piscean-Neptunian passage, where many of us, depending on where we are in our unique path, for we all have our micro cycles, are already feeling, or about to, the deep emotional impact from these Piscean energies. This is a month that is going to offer us the opportunity to emotionally release that which belongs to the old and it is blocking our conscious desire to co-create in the new timeline that we have consciously chosen.

As we approach to the Equinox, especially with the Full Moon in Libra, we will be feeling the harmony it will bring. For the ones who are stabilizers, remain always centered into your heart, especially during this month where we are going to be fully immersed in the task of assisting with the Earth’s Fabrics stabilization, and the unique mission…

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President Trump’s EO Addresses Urgency To Prevent Veteran Suicide!


P2 Personal Training rises to the call with “G-Force Training” – a new veteran’s program geared toward fitness and wellness coaching for Disabled Veterans. Suicide rates from veterans suffering from PTSD are rising at an alarming rate –and that is not acceptable.

Patty Cummings, owner of P2 Personal Training, and CEO of Astro-Durance Bungee Systems, recently started a fitness and wellness coaching program to help disabled veterans in Cape Coral, Fl. The program titled “G-Force Training”, empowers Veterans to help other disabled Veterans get back on their feet through exercise and deals directly with PTSD issues. Patty has a small team of volunteer medical, health and fitness professionals who donate their expertise and guidance to the new program. Her goal is to create a private sector movement of people sponsoring this proto-type of “empowering Veterans to take care of Veterans” in communities across the nation.

veterans PRES-SIGNING-PREVENTS-EO“Just a few moments ago…

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Ascension Symptoms Update ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are especially pleased about giving you this transmission because we have noticed how many more of you are actualizing the energies and acclimating to them without nearly as many ascension symptoms as you once experienced while on this conscious journey. When you first began experiencing ascension symptoms, you were doing a lot of purging, and that was very uncomfortable and confusing.

And then you got to the more chronic ascension symptoms, which included fatigue, aches and pains, and all sorts of medical anomalies. And now we see more and more of you freeing yourselves from these experiences. And it is because you have been able to use the time that you needed during the more intense ascension symptoms. You were able to use that time to go within and do your processing and clearing.

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Heaven on Earth for All | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, yes, when life frustrates you, take a good, deep breath. Why be frazzled? There may not be all the time in the world, yet there is time enough for you to slow down. When you feel frazzled, this is the very signal to slow down and not rush. The very case that you are frazzled is the exact signal to change the train you are riding on. You don’t like being hassled, so don’t hassle yourself.

Slow and easy is the way to speak well to yourself. Easy does it. Quietly. Haste hassles you. Be good to yourself. Respect yourself. To think that your own impatience rattles you. If you were someone else, you would treat yourself with more regard than you sometimes do yourself. Beloved, likely, whatever may be bothering you right now isn’t the end of the world.

People who are starving may respond more…

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8 March 2019 An Inaccurate Menace — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY


Is there something actually menacing in the way authorities exercise their power, or is it that we’re carrying forward inaccurate pictures of overreach from the past? This unease is really about our grasp of and exercise of our own prerogatives; how empowered are you, and how empowered do you feel? If there’s a disparity between […]

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