The Pleiadian Collective ~ We Are Fractals of Source ~ March 5, 2019

Use discernment with ALL channeled material.

Rose Rambles...

Posted byYoung Lightworkers Channel

By galaxygirl

are the Pleiadian Collective, extending the hand of friendship and
peaceful unity to our human friends and family, from across space-time
and from onboard our friendly ships in your skies, that are cloaked, but
aware and eager to serve once the time comes to be of tangible,
evidenced physicality interfacing with your realm once again. We have a
long history with humanity, you see. We were there… a part of your
inception. Our worlds were long fraught with our own adventures and wars
with the dark ones and it is through this grit that we found our way
through ascension… into the realms of love and light. We too could fill
many vast libraries with our stories of our people’s victories,
triumphs, and struggles with the dark ones. And in this way the dark
performed a great service to us in that…

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