Integrating The Pisces New Moon With Angelic Guidance

New Beginnings Guatemala

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
we are collectively experiencing the peeking of todays energy field that the New Moon in Pisces is providing for this world. If you need some insides how this moon event will effect your life personally, take a look at my moon report from March 3rd. To help us in the process of navigating and integrating the momentum, we have received some loving guidance from the angelic realms in form of a set of angelic number combinations. 

This are the angelic number sequences most vivid right now:
Angel Number 1188:
Is a message of uplifting encouragement from the angelic realms. A confirmation that our positive affirmations, concentrated thoughts, helpful beliefs and visualizations, manifest for us in an increased flow of monetary abundance.
An invitation to fully enjoy our rewards of prosperity, to be grateful and appreciative of what we got and grateful for what comes…

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