Headlines and Updates for March 5, 2019: What a Week—and it’s Only Tuesday [videos] ~ March 5, 2019

The lies are crumbling under the burden of TRUTH.

Rose Rambles...

Crazy headlines today, folks! Big, Big, Big stuff coming? Simply extraordinary news is flooding the Internet.

Well, of course she’s dropping out. Even the double is practically
dead. Perp walks may not be in our future for HRC, folks. She’ll still
be running off at the mouth, however.


Sheesh! If this keeps up, Trump might win by default! No contest!

Bloomberg will not run for president in 2020

The rats are abandoning ship. And you know what that means. She’s
goin’ down. Get some good people in the FDA and stop poisoning and
killing Americans.

FDA chief Scott Gottlieb resigns

Trump signals White House won’t comply with Democratic probes

Fox video with Tom Fitton at the link:

Tom Fitton: Rep. Nadler’s Investigation a ‘Remarkable’ Abuse of Power

Simply astonishing actions.

MSNBC Is Scared

From Twitter…

& her…

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