Doctoring Data – Science has turned to darkness ~ March 5, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: As a Medical Technologist (laboratory scientist) this article certainly caught my eye. While not engaged in medical research, I certainly DO see the ill-effects of standard Western (allopathic) medicine and the evils of most pharmacy-driven drugs.

Note that I AM not saying to dismiss your doctor, but rather investigate all means of treatment for any number of aliments. Much information is out there on the Internet about various alternative therapies…give them a try! This article, I believe, highlights your need to investigate other means to solve medical issues! Please read, think about how your are (not) maintaining your physical health, and be…



Dr. Malcolm Kendrick,

As readers of this blog know I was
obliterated from Wikipedia recently. Many have expressed support and
told me not to get down about it. To be perfectly frank, the only time I
knew I was on Wikipedia was when someone…

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