Brad Johnson



Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings

The Earth’s energy has reached a greater fluctuation of combined energies flowing through the sun and neighboring stars as you begin your month of March. There has been a great number of solar portals, or otherwise termed as stargates placed in key areas above the orbit of your planet as new harmonious energies synchronizing and collapsing old timelines are now in effect.

These stargates will continue to enrich the Earth with greater gravitation of magnetic energies as you move deeper into the collective membrane leading into fourth density. These new timelines are granting a greater purpose for overcoming old paradigm events, agendas and group activity that were committed to generating a greater dominion over your planet. The tolerance for such corruption and incompatibility to the flow of innocence is no longer tolerable and such timelines are now collapsing.

A collective hive of such stargates will continue to produce, expand and bond these harmonious energies of other timelines directly into your stream collectively for the foreseeable future.

The idea of a massive solar bombardment, termed as a “solar flash” is something that will no longer be a part of your reality.

The plan that has been generated through the galactic confederation is now in effect and all previous endeavors of great bombardment through some natural occurrence with your own sun will not play a part in your foreseeable future regarding Earth’s transition and humanity’s ascension into the next density plane of existence. There will continue to be solar activity, but not to the extent of what many have previously predicted regarding an extreme flash of coronal energy penetrating your planet. This timeline has been omitted from your current stream flow on a consciousness level.

There are communications taking place with many of your own inner Earth civilizations in an attempt to extend the reach of a unified Earth alliance. There are those in smaller percentages that are willing to participate in sharing their own exposure to humanity when the time comes. There are also those in greater percentages that are still opposed to assisting humanity or revealing themselves to human civilization.

It is for you to know that in the crossing of the planes to the next density, there will be nothing hidden from plain sight on Earth. There are negotiations taking place with ambassadors and delegates meeting with the inner Earth races to generate a consensus of assistance that will also lead to technological sharing as well as the sharing of inner Earth territory with humanity in the times to come. Those that are not willing to be part of this collaboration of unification between the surface life and the inner Earth life, will be escorted off-planet and will join those who were committed to creating great control and corruption to humanity upon this Earth.

It is for you to know that what you term as your Cabal or “deep state” group has in majority been infiltrated and are also being held awaiting higher levels of prosecution and deep interrogation. Those that are in remainder are allowing themselves to wander beyond the surveillance of your Earth alliance purposely. For any attempt to sabotage the collective plan of such an Alliance is only that of a bait and switch tactic that shall lead to their endgame regarding their imperialistic rule and control of this world.

These times to come will show a great revealing of what has been created upon your planet for many centuries. These will be times of great rebellion, protest, resilience to any rule that places a veil of secrecy, inequality and vast control upon a civilization in preparation for planetary dimensional transition. Stay close to the loved ones that are deeply a part of your life. Work to assist others and inform them of the changes that are taking place here and now. There will continue to be unrest for the duration of these next upcoming years leading into 2024 and 2025. During this time, as you collaborate, co-exist and operate as a unit, this can allow these times of great transition to become a smoother process as you become further informed on the happenings transpiring within, upon and above your Mother Gaia.

Editor’s Note:  For those who have accepted the idea a ‘Solar Flash’ will somehow project them into the fifth dimension instantly, it took the Pleiadians at least three generations to transit from fourth density to fifth — and that is longer than Earth generations as the Pleiadians have much longer lifetimes than we do.  Your present physical body would not endure a ‘solar flash’ and without a body how do you evolve as a species?  Work on your individual paths.  What is being received as so-called updates about the Galactics ‘saving’ the planet is patently false.  We do not interfere with the spiritual evolution of a planet; we assist by directing energies, monitoring the surface conditions, and protecting against potentially highly-destructive events known in your world as false flags.  Mr. Johnson’s reports are clearer than others, so I post them here.  Use discernment when listening or reading ANY channeled material for there are many false teachers present on the planet now.  You are responsible for the decisions you make and who you choose to follow.  Learn to follow your heart in unconditional love, balanced with divine intelligence, and strengthened in alignment with the Will of your Higher Self.




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