Late Headlines and Updates for March 3, 2019: Waking, Awake, and Wide Awake [videos]

Rose Rambles...

Have you noticed the conversations we’re having have changed
dramatically in two years since Donald Trump was elected? Not just
around politics and corruption; all kinds of things, including our
cosmic neighbourhood. Fascinating updates in a separate post coming up.

Yes, the landscape of life on Earth has evolved with the
consciousness of Humanity and we can speak more intelligently about what
we see—or don’t see. We have folks at all stages of revival now that
the smelling salts of truth have been waved under our noses.

The President doesn’t delegate all the work, either. He was on fire at CPAC
(long, but watch as much or as little as you choose via that link) and
amped up the education he’s giving the People, ejecting truth like a
flame-thrower. He will be taking full advantage of those opportunities
like his rallies to plaster the truth all over America to prepare…

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