FractalizingIron (via SerialBrain2) 2-23-19… “‘You are the news Now’ signifies D-Day, the deployment of Q Army. Think Normandy, 1944. You have to consider what this means”

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Iron pyrite fractal image by ox3art.

[Kp update: as I had no gravatar image for FractalizingIron, I found an Iron Pyrite fractal image created by ox3art that I used. Have no idea who he/she is, but I liked the image!]

This is not a SerialBrain2, but rather someone whom he commented on (FractalizingIron). I found it pretty fascinating, and felt others might find the same. Several recent Q posts have stated that “You are the news now“, in part, I’m sure, meaning that the msm has lost control of “the narrative” and that “the anons” are doing the digging and researching and together are “figuring things out”.

I feel this is a very significant post by FractalizingIron, and strongly points out that all who are working now, in a non-msm-aligned way, are the real MSM.

SB2’s comment on this is at the end…

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