Former Dems Worse Than Former Smokers: The ‘Walk Away Movement’ Defined [video] ~ March 4, 2019

Rose Rambles...

A video about the Walk Away Movement… and wow. “Plantation”. Let that sink in.

These new “Black Conservative Patriots” really get it. They are the
best champions of the cause with their clear understanding of the
situation. The Walk Away initiative is thriving because this is its time.

These former Democrats are like folks who used to smoke and then quit; the one who are the first to complain when someone lights up and they are exposed to the fumes.

Once these free-thinkers saw through the manipulation and the
propaganda their logic kicked into high gear and they say it so
eloquently, telling us they will NEVER have anything to do with the
Democrat Party again.

They looked into the historical references; the roots of the party
and its relationship to the KKK. They can see how the lamestream media
rammed the outright lies about Trump and the Republicans…

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